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Bob Bednarski wearing the T.K. Bands that Tommy Kono gave him back in 1966.
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Mr. Kono,
I am writing to thank you for the TK Waist Band and TK Knee Bands.  Without your Bands I could not have accomplish my goal of losing 100 lbs. in bodyweight.  I have used other bands and wraps on the market but your bands stands alone.  They are the very best!
I attach my "before" and "after" photo and the story behind them.  Please feel free to use them to support your great products.
A very sincere thanks again.  Your name and your TK bands stands out head and shoulders above in the field of other similar products.


As a Power Lifter I trained to get big and strong and I thought nothing of eating a whole family pizza followed with a half gallon of ice cream by myself in one sitting.  I loved Power Lifting because I could eat to my heart's content and become big and powerful!
   I had a physical checkup by my family doctor two months after turning 50 years of age.  At 5 feet 11 1/2 inches in height I weighed 316 pounds and my blood pressure was too high so the doctor prescribed blood pressure medication for my condition.  
   I told him I did not need it because I would drop my bodyweight.   He countered by telling me that losing weight would not do it.  He was thinking I meant 20-30 pounds but I was thinking in terms of losing 100 pounds.    I left his office with the blood pressure medicine in hand but with a definite goal in mind -- that of losing 100 pounds of body fat by following a sound diet and an exercise program geared to lose body fat.  
  My background as an athlete in Power Lifting helped me set definite goals so my plan included following a good nutritional program I picked up from (Power Nutrition) articles in Powerlifting USA.
Cardiovascular exercise was included too so the increased circulation prevents loose skin from forming as fat would disappear.  
  The cardiovascular movements such as jumping rope, biking or jogging meant constant pounding on the knee joints and to prevent wear and tear and to keep stability and warmth in the knees, I used the TK Knee Bands.  The pounding affects the lower back and spine as well so I wore the TK Waist Band that kept my back warm and gave good support to the lower back.
  The one thing that helped me lose inches around my waist was the TK Waist Band. It is common to lose 3 pounds or so in exercising from sweating and all this can be gained back by hydrating yourself but what most people do not understand is that the TK Waist Band helps generate heat and that in turn improves blood circulation.  This, in turn, helps metabolize this area faster. 

 My waist came down from 44 inches to 34 inches and I did lose 100 pounds in body fat in 7 months' time.  If you check my shoulder and chest area on the "after" picture, I have not lost any size or shape there but the waist has impressively trimmed down.  Incidentally, my blood pressure reading is perfect and I do not take any  medication. They say with age comes wisdom and I find this to be so true.
 In the lower photo you see me wearing what I call the
TK Suit of Armor for my exercise program....prevents injuries of the knees, lower back and trims the waist.  The support and warmth created by the TK bands on the joints is critical especially for a heavy person who perform any repetitive movements.  I strongly advise anyone who wishes to lose bodyweight to wear these TK Bands as a protective measure against stress and strain of the joints that will under go constant pounding.  If your joints go, so does you cardiovascular exercises and the high metabolic rate!
MY SUIT OF ARMOR at age 51